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    • 25 Oct 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Barnes and Thornburg - Downtown Indianapolis: 11 S. Meridian Street (in-person or virtual registration)

    Join us for the Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute's 2021 Annual Meeting:

    Monday, October 25th - 8:00AM-12:00 Noon

    Hosted by Barnes & Thornburg (Downtown Indianapolis - 11 South Meridian Street)

    In-Person Registration (space is limited): $50

    Virtual Registration: $25

    (IFPI members - complimentary registration + guest)

    Detailed agenda coming soon - highlights of the morning's program include:

    Fiscal Response & Recovery - Managing through COVID:

    From a $1.3 billion shortfall in 2020 to a $3.9 billion surplus at the end of 2021, Indiana OMB Director Cris Johnston talks about managing the state’s finances through COVID, allocating an unprecedented influx of federal aid from CARES and ARPA, and Indiana’s strong start to the new budget cycle. 

    Legislative Preview:

    After passing a two-year, $37.4 billion budget with historic investments in education, infrastructure and economic development, what will the Indiana General Assembly do for an encore? With $3 billion in remaining reserves, will the short session be long on proposals with fiscal impact? Hear from a panel of lawmakers including Ways and Means Chair Tim Brown, sharing priorities for his final session after nearly three decades of legislative leadership spanning fiscal policy, healthcare, education and more. 

    Doing the Math on Indiana's K-12 Budget:

    Speaking of the 2022-2023 budget, nearly half ($18 billion) will be spent on K-12 education – the purview of Indiana’s first Secretary of Education, Katie Jenner. Dr. Jenner will discuss the complexities of the school funding formula, the challenges of promoting student success, the state’s vision for its high school graduates and her own lessons learned after ten months on the job.

    Taking on the Local Tax System:

    State revenues may be surging, but how has the local tax base held up through the pandemic (and the shortest recession on record)? Purdue's emeritus fiscal policy eminence Larry DeBoer offers his insights on local revenues, including new research stress-testing the local income tax system through the economic disruptions of 2020 (and asking, what if the crisis had been even worse?).

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