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Mayor cites IFPI research in column

26 Oct 2016 10:54 AM | Administrator (Administrator)

Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell cited a recent Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute report about the effect of property tax circuit breakers in a recent column.

The report by IFPI Senior Fellow John Stafford examined how the circuit breakers have reduced the amount of property tax paid by the three classifications of owners—single-family homes, multi-family homes/agriculture and commercial—and the resulting loss of revenue to local government sectors.

Kitchell noted the savings to taxpayers, but his column contends local government officials have struggled to make budgets due to the circuit breakers. The circuit breakers have cost his city, for instance, 26 percent of its property tax revenue and will forego 30 percent next year.

“While circuit breakers have been a win for those concerned about how much property taxes had been escalating, the other shoe dropping in this fiscal policy debate is that cities, counties and schools are doing without, scaling back budgets by almost a decade,” Kitchell wrote in the Oct. 26 Journal Gazette newspaper in Fort Wayne.


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